Fees – Monaco Escorts

Below you will find my fees ( finacials) applicable for my time to meet in Monaco and throughout the French Riviera.  Please be advised all travel expenses have been worked out in the fees listed, to make things easier and more concise. Pre payment is required before I can book my flight to Nice. Probably the pre payment is what takes the longest. You wouldnt think bank transfer could take up to 10 working days but it can. Once funds have hit my account, I am able to book my flights and can be on the French Riviera within 24 hours.

Please note, I do not use Crypto Currencies. I understand payment can be done much quicker with Cryto, but regretfully Australian banks have worked really hard to make using cryto very difficult. And to be honest, I am old school and prefer bank transfer into my discreet company account.  Many f you are a little hesitant to transfer large sums in case I do not arrive, but with bank transfer everything is traceable and should give you a little bit more peace of mind.

FMTY  Monaco – High Class Escort

Below fees are applicable only to meet by private invitaiton – Fly Me To You – FMTY 

Overnight – $ 7000 USD / 5,5000 Euro

24 hours – $10,000 USD /  9300 Euro

48 hours – $18,000 USD /  16,700 Euro

72 hours – $25,000 USD /  23,100 Euro

1 week – $50,000 USD /  46, 200 Euro

Please note the costs mentioned above for my time do include travel costs. There are no additional hidden charges applicable to meet in the South Of France.

Payment can be made in Euro or USD as i have company accounts in both currencies.

To make arrangements to meet me in Monaco or another desination in the South of France, please send me an email


Fees - Monaco Escorts

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